• Let the Bed
    Do the Work

    A REVOLUTIONARY new patient lift that allows caregivers to safely move, transfer and reposition patients without any manual lifting.
  • No More Log Rolling,
    No Repositioning Teams

    The world's only patient lift that is a true "No Lift System" — 100% safe for patients and caregivers.
  • No slings, accessories or crippling back injuries!

    Reduce nurse injuries, keep patients safe during transfer and repositioning and enable frequent turns to prevent pressure sores.
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Lawmakers across the United States are mandating no-lift equipment, training and procedures to protect the safety of caregivers.

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  • The ant can lift 10 times
    its own body weight

    ...but only lives a year.

    Sound familiar?
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  • Which one is not like the others?
    a. elevators, b. escalators, c. nurses

    Trick question — they all do the same thing. Read More
  • If an elephant was a nurse it would have to lift a whale.

    By any other name, that's a back injury. Read More
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Introduction to the ErgoNurse

ErgoNurse Demonstration

Working in a No-Lift Environment will change your life


What makes the ErgoNurse better? For one, it was designed by a nurse.

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Handling patients causes injuries to staff

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275 facilities have the ErgoNurse on site

We're in 34 states already Read More

You decide:



Traditional patient lifts all use the same obsolete design based on a 1955-era automotive engine lift. Click the X and see for yourself.




Our design is the first real advance in more than 60 years and is totally unlike any of our competitors, cheaper, easier to use, and more efficient.


  • Despite lifting hundreds of tons a day,
    ancient moving teams were rarely treated for MSDs.

    They didn't live that long.Amazing how being a slave to your work can make your own health irrelevant in the rush to get things done. "Heave ho," right?
  • If the words back-breaking work mean anything to you, perhaps your mattress is not the problem.

    Let us help you sleep more peacefully for the rest of your life.You entered health care to ease pain and suffering, not to feel pain and suffering yourself. Our pioneering No-Lift Environment means a better outcome for patients, monumental savings for your employer, and better health / longer career for you.
  • Rolling a mass heavier than yourself all day is no picnic.

    That says a mouthful.Let the ErgoNurse change your job description forever by freeing you from the drudgery of heavy lifting.
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How it works

Power through simplicity — even a child can do it
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Beats any other device hands down
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Learn how to use it in just minutes
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